I recently completed the 2 Day Brow Perfection Training with Kymberley. It was the best investment into my career! Kymberley is so knowledgeable and talented in all things she puts her mind to! Kymberley has helped me not only take my brow game to the next level but also to see the value in myself and my business! I’m so grateful to call her a friend and have her as a mentor!

Kira Jade Chorley - Upper Coomera QLD

A wealth of knowledge! As a fellow educator, I am a huge believer that we never stop learning, and I am a big advocate for ongoing professional development. I also believe we can only be our very best from being exposed to several sources of education and knowledge. So when I was looking for an industry professional to impart some knowledge to my students, Kymberley was an easy choice. Professional, open, engaging and full of current, real life industry facts and insight. Even I learnt a thing or two. My students graduated as confident, employable therapists. Some of them have since felt inspired to follow in Kym’s footsteps, and believe they are capable of doing things they had never considered previously - thanks to Kym. Could not recommend her enough. Such an honour for us to learn from the BEST.

Alicia Aurora - Brisbane QLD

I recently completed the 1 day Henna Brow course with Kymberley and I cannot recommend her enough! Kymberley is so talented and teaches her techniques so well and the kit that was included is insane. Not only is she a brow magician she is so kind and welcoming that I have not only walked away a better brow artist I have also walked away with a new friend and mentor.

Amy Donlan - Orange NSW


Designed for beginner brow artists, or anyone wanting to perfect their brow application. 

Our Brow Perfection Training consists of a 2 day foundational class, covering our signature brow design, application and removal techniques for both tint and henna, brow rehab, how to price your services for maximum profit, and so much more.

You will leave feeling confident and ready to take your brow game to the next level.

Course Details


Designed for anyone that would like to introduce henna brows to their service menu, or be able to purchase from the Fox Cosmetics henna range. 

Fox Cosmetics Henna is exclusively available to fox trained professionals only and is not sold to the general public.

Our henna brow training covers our signature brow design, and application and removal techniques for those super crisp lines. 

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Designed for brow artists wanting to further their knowledge and skills to effectively map the brow area. 

Kymberley’s unique mapping techniques are a combination of all of her trainings which she has tweaked and perfected over the years to allow for mapping of the brow according to the clients bone structure and natural hair growth.

Our masterclass covers the 5 points of the brow that should be taken into consideration when mapping, brow rehab, client bone structure and so much more.

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Though it is not a requirement, we do highly recommend that you are qualified in facial waxing or hold a minimum of a certificate in 'Provide Lash and Brow Services' - SHBBFAS001


Hi, I'm Kymberley Hooper

I am the owner/operator of The Rabbit Room in Augustine Heights, and the co-owner of The Beauty Bae Australia.

I begun my career in the lash and brow industry in January 2017. Originally the plan was to start a small home business as an additional income to my current full time employment with an engineering firm. In my early 20's I was a makeup artist based in Sydney, so I have always had a passion for the beauty industry. 

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with my new venture and the people in it. The people who formed the lash and brow community, some of which I am lucky enough to call my friends.

When I originally begun doing lashes and brows I was naive, that is, I was lacking experience and wisdom. I had so many questions that weren't answered during my initial training and I certainly didn't know my worth! At the time I was charging $30 for a full set of classic extensions. 

In July 2017 I decided to back myself and enrolled with the LashJoy Academy, and was trained under international award winning artist, Joy Crossingham. 

I then completed a Statement of Attainment in waxing, and went on to complete training with PhiBrows Master Michelle Pana in the art of cosmetic tattooing, as well as several other lash courses. 

Within 12 months, I left my full time employment and begun working solely for myself. Scary is an understatement! 

I very quickly noticed there was something lacking in our industry, that is, it is not regulated effectively, and therefore the level at which lash and brow artists are being trained is heavily insufficient. I decided that I wanted to make a positive contribution, and offer thorough and well thought out training. I wanted to help repair the integrity of our industry, one that was becoming damaged by poor education, and artists, like the previous me, that didn't know any better! After all, we only know what we are taught! 

If I was going to train people, I wanted to do it properly! I completed by TAE (Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment) and have gone on to complete the NALA Trainers Training. 

There is nothing quite like knowing that you have contributed to some else's financial autonomy and helped to give them the tools to succeed within their craft. 

Certificate 4 Training and Assessment (TAE)
NALA Trainers Training

Top 10 Australia and New Zealand - Pro Series Lash Comp 2018
1st Place - Classic Expert - Pro Series Lash Comp 2019
1st Place - Volume Expert - Pro Series Lash Comp 2019
1st Place - Classic Masters - International Lash Masters 2019
6th Place - Lash World Cup - Australian Team 2020 Sponsored by LashJoy and Elleebana
2nd Place - Volume Expert - Lash Open Australia 2020

Lash Artist of the Year 2020 - NALA
Lash Artist Integrity Award 2020 - NALA

EL International Association - Melbourne 2020

Beauty Industry Sector Panel 2020 - Tafe Queensland
Registered Lash Artists - Board of Leaders 2020


Designed for the beginner lash artist or the perfectionist at heart, our 4 Day Classic Lash Artistry training covers all aspects of theory, from the safe application and removal, adhesive 101 and troubleshooting, appropriate lash weights, to how to price your services and build a successful business.

This course will leave you with the necessary skills you need to succeed not only as a lash artist, but as a profitable business owner. 

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True, handmade volume lashes aren't just lashes, they are an art!

Volume is an intricate application whereby 2-8 extensions are hand crafted to form a 'fan' and then meticulously adhered to 1 natural lash.

During your 3 Day Hybrid + Volume Lash Artistry training you will be guided step by step through our most commonly used approach for creating perfect fans. 

You'll experiment with various tweezer types, explore mapping, layering using different lengths for a seamless lash line, pro tips for lashing those hard to reach inner and outer corners, safe volume lash weights and so much more!!

As volume is such a detailed application, it is a requirement that you are proficient in classic lash application without stickies. 

Course Details - Coming Soon


Are you considering entering an online or live lash competition, but not sure what the judges will be looking for? 

Join multi award winning lash artist and competition judge, Kymberley Hooper and let her help guide you.

Top 10 Australia and New Zealand - Pro Series Lash Comp 2018
1st Place - Classic Expert - Pro Series Lash Comp 2019
1st Place - Volume Expert - Pro Series Lash Comp 2019
1st Place - Classic Masters - International Lash Masters 2019
6th Place - Lash World Cup - Australian Team 2020 Sponsored by LashJoy and Elleebana
2nd Place - Volume Expert - Lash Open Australia 2020

Course Details - Coming Soon

I recently completed the Advanced Brow Mapping Masterclass with Kymberley and I cannot recommend it enough! It’s definitely helped me better my brow shaping ability and it’s something I can use on every client that walks into my salon. Kymberley is super friendly and approachable and majorly talented in the lash and brow industry!! Fellow brow artists and yourself a favour and enrol in this course, you won’t be disappointed!

Katie Sutton - Boonah QLD

Honestly, I can not recommend the Fox Henna Brow training enough! Kymberley knows the Fox products inside out, and knows all the best tricks and tips to get you producing absolutely BOMB brows. She is so thorough and runs you through things in a way that is very straight forward and has really uncomplicated the service for me after having tried a couple of other different henna brands previous to Fox.
Seriously, she has helped me take my brows to the next level, especially in regards to shape & creating great arches for my clients. There is no one else I would recommend more.
So grateful for the guidance, thank you!
Do yourself a favour and book your Fox Training with The Beauty Bae ASAP!!!!

Tayla Wilson - Yarra Glen VIC

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my brow training with Kymberley. I had struggled with shaping brows correctly, and with the application of both tint and henna. I just wasn't getting the results I wanted for my clients. 
After researching many different educators, and their own work, I decided on The Beauty Bae Australia, and I am so glad I did!
Kymberley is so thorough, and her training is so in-depth. She is not afraid to share her personal tips and tricks for creating some killer brows!
I was blown away by Kymberley's unique mapping style, that guarantees each individual clients brows are mapped to THEIR face shape and bone structure.  
I recommend Kymberley's training to anyone that is looking to perfect their art and increase their income. 
Thank you again! 

Monique Spinks - Springfield Lakes QLD

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